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Saad Manios and Associates, LLC provides comprehensive bookkeeping, accounting, financial analysis, payroll, tax advisory, tax return preparation, consulting, and compilation and review services for small and medium sized businesses.

Bookkeeping, Accounting, Financial Analysis Services

We provide comprehensive bookkeeping, accounting, financial analysis services, utilizing the best software available, including QuickBooks and Thomson Reuters Creative Solutions Accounting. We tailor our services to each client to provide the most reliable and timely information at the most cost efficient price. Armed with the proper tools, our seasoned associates maintain accurate books and records, ensure timely filing of required returns, and provide quick response to our clients’ information needs.

Payroll Services

Processing payroll can be a treacherous endeavor for most. Errors in payments or withholdings can make for unhappy employees. Failure to e-Verify new employee hires, failure to remit payroll taxes on time, and failure to file payroll returns on time can result in costly penalties.

Our comprehensive payroll services can alleviate such problems and risks. Our services include:

  • Payroll Checks / Direct Deposit
  • “After the Fact” Payroll Services (you write the checks, we handle the withholding deposits)
  • Federal and State Withholding Tax Deposits
  • Garnishment Checks
  • Periodic Payroll Reports
  • Quarterly / Annual Payroll Tax Returns, W-2 Filing
  • E-Verify and State New Hire Reporting
  • Workman’s Comp Audits
  • Unemployment Claims


We tailor our payroll services to meet the exact needs of each client to provide the most reliable, timely and cost effective service.

Tax Advisory and Tax Preparation Services

In a 1935 United Stated Federal Court of Appeals decision, Justice Learned Hand said: “Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible.”  We embrace that statement, which holds as true today as it did in 1935.

With that in mind, we provide comprehensive tax planning and consulting services, helping our clients navigate through the multitude of tax issues in the ever changing sea of tax changes and complexities, guiding our clients to avoid tax pitfall and tax traps. We analyze present and future circumstances and offer our clients ideas and choices to minimize and reduce taxes by taking full advantage of the array of tax laws, regulations, options and credits available to taxpayers.

Every year, we handle a wide range of tax controversies - delinquent filings, penalty notices, tax liens and levies, etc. Our senior staff handles tax audits, amended returns, appeals, tax debt settlement negotiations, Offers In Compromise, tax debt installment payment plan negotiations, and more.

We prepare a full array of tax returns for our clients, including, but not limited to, the following:

Federal, South Carolina And
Multi-State Income Tax Returns

  • Individuals
  • Partnerships
  • C Corporations
  • S Corporations
  • Estates
  • Trusts

Other Business Related Returns and Forms:

  • Business Personal Property Tax Return
  • Retirement Plans (Forms 5500 etc…)
  • Non-profit Organizations (Form 990s etc…)
  • Sales Tax Returns
  • Payroll Tax Returns
  • City Business License Applications
  • ABC License Applications and Renewals



Our senior accountants have experienced and seen a wide range of client successes, controversies, and failures, including start-up formations and investment funding, sales and purchases of businesses, mergers and acquisitions of businesses, consolidations of businesses, restructuring and refinancing, business litigation, bankruptcies, winding down operations, and liquidations. We provide advice and support for our clients and their attorneys in many ways including financial analysis, break-even analysis, budgeting, specialize reporting for courts, litigation support and more.

Reviews and Compilations

In the professional world of accounting, Certified Public Accountants can issue financial statements in one of the following three ways: “Audit,” “Review” and “Compilation.” Although we chose several years ago not to perform audits, we do provide Review and Compilation services which are required by many banks, lenders, investors, governmental licensing agencies, and others.

Continuing Education

The world of tax, accounting and business is constantly changing. Our dedication to excellence mandates our constant charge to keep abreast of those changes. Each of our CPAs attends at least 40 hours of Continuing Professional Education each year. We also provide periodic in-house training for our staff of bookkeepers and accountants.